Friday, February 20, 2009

More Information on the Soley Instute Grant Program

Soley Institute has launched a new grant program for microalgae projects to support UN Millennium Development Goals and benefits of (IIMSAM) Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina against Malnutrition.

This grant program is valid for 2 different subject groups.
  1. Group (A) is for Spirulina projects.
  2. Group (B) is for other microalgae projects.

Needs to be supported:

Grant Rate (%) for Univ. & Institutes:
  • Spirulina Culture 100%
  • Culture Media Component 70%
  • Lab. Size Photobioreactor 60%
  • Industrial Size Photobioreactor 70%
  • Microalgae Duplicator 70%
  • Organic Culture Media Component 60%
  • Pond Circulation Pump 50%
  • Pond Air Pump 60%
  • Pond heating system 60%
  • Phycocyanin Extraction System 40%
  • Automated Microalgae Filter 50%
  • Microalgae Drying Oven 60%
Grant Rate (%) for Companies:
  • Spirulina Culture 80%
  • Culture Media Component 40%
  • Lab. Size Photobioreactor 30%
  • Industrial Size Photobioreactor 40%
  • Microalgae Duplicator 40%
  • Organic Culture Media Component 20%
  • Pond Circulation Pump 20%
  • Pond Air Pump 20%
  • Pond heating system 20%
  • Phycocyanin Extraction System 10%
  • Automated Microalgae Filter 20%
  • Microalgae Drying Oven 30%
How to apply: Please, send a brief project description or business plan to as an email until 28.02.2009 . (That is February 29, 2009 for those of you not usesd to the international date display)

Recommended Subjects:
  • Bio-hydrogen production from microalgae
  • Bio-methane production from microalgae
  • Chlorophyll reduction resulting increasing solar radiation penetrate deeper
  • Creating & Extracting highly valuable materials and pharmaceuticals from microalgae
  • Customized microalgae modifications (genetic)
  • Increasing oil content of microalgae
  • Increasing photosynthetic efficiency of microalgae
  • Microalgae based (100% Organic) Chicken feed for long shelf life
  • Microalgae filter (Nano-Tech) system production
  • Microalgae industrial production technologies
  • Microalgae production with Geothermal waters
  • Oil extraction from algae and special extraction systems
  • Organic (100%) fertilizer production
  • Organic (100%) microalgae productions
  • Organic "chemical free" growth medium component production
  • Photosynthetic energy production from microalgae
  • Phycobiliprotein production from microalgae
  • Phycocyanin production from Spirulina
  • Raidoactivity treatment with Spirulina
  • Soil treatment with Humic Substances
  • Spirulina culture production (Fast Doubling Time)
  • Spirulina production (contains high level phycocyanin)
  • Spirulina production (contains high level protein)
  • Spirulina production with brine waters
  • Spirulina production with wastewaters
  • Wastewater treatments with various microalgae
General Purposes:
  • Grants will not be as direct. We will give the rate of grants directly to the supplier of needs.
  • We will provide the grants for only recommended systems and equipments by us.
  • We don't provide delivery fee as a grant.
Best Regards,
Soley Institute

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Anonymous said...

My name is Jack Lundee from and I'm interested in submitting a guest piece regarding the Fed's recent investment into algae fuel research.

I can be reached at - I look forward to hearing back from you and thanks for all your time in advance.