Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where can you find the Image Library Images?

Images from Michael R. Martin's Phytoplankton Image Library have been used in an odd diversity of places. Here is one example:

Hayden Planetarium
Rose Center for Earth and Space

The Rose Center's Scales of the Universe walkway hugs the glass walls of the Rose Center and features differently scaled models that illustrate the relative size of cosmic and human objects, from galaxies, stars and planets, to the human brain and nucleus of the smallest atom. The 400-foot long walkway ingeniously uses the Hayden Sphere for size comparison.
One of my Asterionella images is used to show the scale of things at 0.0001. And here are pictures of that very image in place, with my suitably impressed sister and nephew striking a pose.

Asterionella at the Rose Center

Suzette pointing at algae

Adam pointing at algae

So, next time you are in NYC . . .

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  1. Of course, they have the science all wrong. Asterionella is NOT single-celled and it really doesn't have a skeleton, silica or otherwise!